Welcome to Something About Food, Something About Fitness, where my focus is on healthy, balanced eating for an active lifestyle.

I am a wife and mom (of two now!) who loves to cook and workout. Aside from my amazing family, food and fitness are my passions.

My husband and I both value healthy living, but we also love delicious food. I enjoy experimenting with healthy cooking and baking, and as a busy working mama, my focus is on having a delicious, family pleasing dinner on the table as fast as I can. More recently, I’ve developed a love for baking, and I like to make the “bad stuff” from time to time. We eat healthy and at home Monday through Friday, and indulge on the weekends.

In addition to cooking, I love to workout. I’m a marathon runner and lift weights as a hobby as well. It’s something I have found I have to fit in for my own mental health. I want to share my tips and tricks with all of you food and fitness lovers out there. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or comments!


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