18 Week Marathon Training Plan for Working Moms (Yes, you can train for a marathon!!!)

After finishing my 5th full marathon this past May, just one week before my son turned one, I had a lot of people ask me how I found time to train for a marathon while working full time and having an infant. I'm here to tell all of you working moms out there that it... Continue Reading →


7 Tips for Staying Active and Healthy on Vacation

We've all had those post-vacation blues when that week of relaxation you've been looking forward to for weeks or even months has passed, you're home again, and you just feel gross from all of the eating out and indulging. I'm totally the type of person who likes to fully enjoy my vacation without a schedule... Continue Reading →

Race Training Tips for the Working Mom

When I had my son in May of last year, I challenged myself to run a marathon before he turned a year old. Of course, I didn't tell anyone about this challenge just in case I couldn't do it. Just in case this whole "being a mom" thing was harder than I thought. Well let... Continue Reading →

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