Blackberry Lime Craft Soda with Mint

This venture into making my own craft soda was a recipe I made for my husband. I'm sort of odd when it comes to drinks- coffee and water are the only liquids I want or need. My husband, though, likes a "flavored" drink now and again. He usually opts for a ginger ale in a... Continue Reading →

Grain Free, Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have two MAJOR weaknesses when it comes to food. It's actually odd because neither of these things I really cared for very much when I was younger, but now, they are dangerous. Cheeseburgers and Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are definitely weekend treats for me, but I could seriously eat both of them everyday forever.... Continue Reading →

Marshmallows from Scratch

Here comes Part 2 of my Gourmet S'Mores Adventure. It's Father's Day tomorrow, and my husband who is a pretty amazing dad happens to love s'mores! So I thought I'd kick this simple dessert up a notch and make everything from scratch. Well except the chocolate. We bought the chocolate. I've made marshmallows before, and... Continue Reading →

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